PTP CNC TOOLINGS Private Limited , Headquarter at Belgaum, in the state of Karnataka in INDIA. A Market  Leader for technologically advanced Tools, Tool Holders, Tooling Systems and Accessories for machining centers , keeps a vision of  " Value Addition to the Nation through Export in Volumes and low cost of quality product to the Indian industry " .


PTP CNC now manufactures almost the entire Range of Tools and Tooling Systems for Machining Centers. Provides technologically advanced tools, tooling systems and engineering solutions aimed at improving customers manufacturing competitiveness. The Standard Product Range includes;Tool Holders  viz  Morse Taper Adapters, Side Lock Holders, Adapters for Milling Cutters, Drill Chuck Taper Adapters, Setting and concentricity checking mandrels, Collets and Collet Adapters ,Rough & Finish Boring Bars, Anti -Vibration Tooling System, Micro boring and Fine Boring Units, Twin Lip Boring Bars, VDI Tool Holders, Boring Rings & Adapters, Spade Drill Drivers with Coolant Adapter. The Tool Holders are made to various Shank standards such as ISO 7388, DIN 69871, ANSI B5.50, MAS-BT, IS :11173, DIN 2080, DECKEL CATERPILLAR and various parallel shank. Cutting Tools viz. Turning & Boring tools with indexable carbide inserts, Micro Boring cartridges, Fine Boring Units,

Boring Tools with brazed and index able insert type, Jig Boring Tools Built-in Tools (Cartridges ). Accessories viz. Retention Knobs (Pull Studs), Tool Clamping Fixture, Tool Setting Fixture, Tool Presetter.Special Tooling Systems designed to customer's specific requirements. The Special Tooling systems are designed against the customer's product / process drawing & other relevant machining data, the computer generated designs and proposals are submitted to the customer for final approval prior to execution of the orders on time bound basis.
specializes in Tay;or made Products to help customer, improve productivity.Thae major area includs manufacturing of Combination boring bars and combination boring tools using built-intools, micro boring & fine boring units, special indexable insert boring tools.

A Design & Development facility, equipped with the latest Computer Aided Design systems and highly engineering staff headed by Executive Director is the backbone of PTP CNC. A motivated and continuously trained engineering staff is the strength behind continuous improvement in quality and manufacturing standards . The 40 strong multi-skilled manufacturing personnel are the reason for accelerated deliveries the top quality manufacturing equipments with decentralized quality control system felicitates manufacturing of high quality products.

PTP CNC's quality is achieved through strong quality system based on Statistical Quality and Process Control Principles. The  process control plans, continously upgraded at scientifically decided design simulation and detail work instructions, Scientific inprocess inspection and Acceptance sampling methods ensure a healthy work environment. Air cooled and dust free inspection facility enables high degree of inspection accuracy. Product tracetability and corrective and preventive action system is established to be the premier cause for continuous improvement vis--vis quality grade, accelerated deliveries and optimum product pricing resulting into high value for money to the customer. The Dynamically balanced Tool Holders with AT3/AT2 Grade of Taper, supported by specifically selected alloy steels, scientifically established in-house heat treatment processes ,product fantastic results in quality of machining and life of tool & the machine spindle .The specially developed cylindrical grinding machines, aide by air & electronic gauging systems, specially developed inspection tools etc resulting into high accuracy of taper grade(AT3+),surface roughness (N5),high Precision tool seat runout(0.005 mm max wrt shank taper) play a very vital role in achieving desired maximum longevity of the products.


PTP CNC has established track record of setting very high standards in customer satisfaction through sheer "Quality Team" work.PTP CNC is first manufacturer in setting ex-stock availability standard for all types of Retention Knobs( Pull Studs), all over India, through a network of business partners across the length and breadth of the country. The accelerated deliveries of standard tool holders has been a talk of entire market place across the country. The 7-day delivery of the special tool holders, the activity includes submission to and approval of the proposal by customer, has helped many customers in accelerating their new product developments. PTP CNC adopts JIT manufacturing system that has produced highly Customer Service infrastructure.